Protobios is an Estonian biotechnology company founded in October 2003, and is positioning itself as a developer of new diagnostic tests and also as a service provider in the field of immunome analysis.


Throughout our history, we have contributed to the development of new technologies in the field of cell biology and immunology. We will continue to maintain our focus, today and tomorrow, on novel solutions and will always be interested to learn more from others, in order to combine joint expertise that will help lead us to the next series of inventions.


Our company, in association with hospitals and technology leaders across the world, is developing ways to facilitate new innovative technologies to improve the future of molecular diagnostics – we make diagnostics easy.


We set out to offer our clients accurate, safe and cost effective diagnostic solutions for different chronic conditions, by using innovative multi-analyte screening platforms not constrained by the problems facing conventional diagnostics. By doing this, we are able to address the problems before symptoms arise. No symptoms, no loss in the quality of life – no problem.


We currently employ about 30 people and are constantly searching for new talented personnel, as the company continues to grow. A noteworthy sign of engagement and contribution within the team is the fact that the company currently holds number of patents associated with our scientists.


We have realized that innovation requires us to improve our skills, have good partners and joint efforts.

Protobios is an active in networking, sharing its knowledge in EC-funded projects:


· Estonian Connected Health Cluster
· ELIKO Competence Centre 
· AIROPico



We are engaged with key partners to improve healthcare through development of novel solutions and appreciate support

from FP7 an H2020 framework programmes of EU.

Associated Companies

Protobios' earlier initiatives have become independent:






Fibrotx LLC is a biotechnology company founded in 2005, developing diagnostic tools to identify drugs and treatments for the growing market of personalized medicine and personalized cosmetics. FibroTx was among nominees in competition The Most Competitive Enterprise 2009.





Cellin Technologies LLC has developed the technology to enhance the growth of stem-cells, derived from tissue or bone bone marrow, to be used in different cell therapy applications. Among other fields, the Company sees the market in cosmetic- and regenerative medicine fields.





dxlabs started offering food allergen analyses to food manufacturing companies in 2012. Currently, dxlabs services portfolio has been expanded with mycotoxin, horsemeat analysis and lactose residue analysis. In the pipeline will follow antibiotic residue analyses etc.





Biolaborid LLC runs the first human stem cell production laboratory in the Baltic States. Latter is a Clean-room Laboratory meeting all GMP standards is required for the production of stem cells for clinical applications.