Company Profile


Protobios is a life sciences company that utilizes next generation immunoprofiling technology (MVA) to drive research in cancer and other immune-mediated diseases.

Since founding, we have contributed to the development of high-tech tools for clinical use. In the recent years, in the field of immunology. We will continue to maintain our focus, today and tomorrow, on novel solutions and will always be interested in combined joint expertise that will help lead us to the next series of inventions.

Mission and Vision


Our company, together with clinical, translational science and IT leaders across the world, is developing ways to facilitate innovation for improving the future healthcare – we make diagnostics easy and precision medicine affordable.


We set out to offer our clients in clinical diagnostics and therapeutic development accurate, safe and cost-effective solutions by using a high-throughput cutting-edge screening platform not constrained by the problems facing conventional research tools. By doing this, we are able to offer customized solutions. No loss in the quality.


A strong company needs driven and hard-working team. The innovative minds behind Protobios are:

Dr. Kaia Palm
CEO and founder
Prof. Tõnis Timmusk
Scientic advisor and founder
Dr. Margus Annuk
Clinical study director

Core Lab

We are highly skilled specialists from different academic fields.

Supportive Forces

We are located Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol and well networked with nearby Taltech Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology. Our data is well-supported by the HPC at the University of Tartu.

Industrial PhD programme

Protobios people – Mariliis Jaago and Annika Rähni are enrolled in the industrial PhD programme.

What We Do

Strong Academic background

In 2017, Protobios’ R&D was assessed by external panel of experts of Estonian Research Council, and the company was granted for the next 7 years a positive evaluation as a R&D institution in the field of biomedical sciences (

Fields of R&D

Immunoprofiling by employing MVA
mRNA alternative splicing to identify cell-specific changes in core transcription.
Functional studies of stem cells.

Defended doctoral theses

Defended academic degrees can be found HERE.

– epitope mapping, immunoprofiling analysis, biomarker development
– qualitative and quantitative measurements of drugs, metabolites and biomarkers (DNA, RNA, proteins, cells) across a variety of matrices